Loyalty Rewards Program

How does it work?

All of our products and product packages have been assigned a point system that will be used to calculate a Loyalty Rewards Discount when a certain point value has been reached. Each of the product points can be viewed in your backoffice within the Regeneration USA Product Catalog & Price List. The point system is 10% of the Affiliate Price rounded up or down with the exception of the Six (6) Fast Start Packages, an example would be: A box of Goji bars cost $36.00, therefore the Loyalty Rewards Points are 4 for this product. A bottle of Blu-Lina is $34.99 and the Loyalty Rewards Points are 3, the $549 Fast Start Package has 55 Loyalty Rewards Points and so on.

What Loyalty Rewards discount will I receive?

When you reach a total point accumulation of 100 points, you'll automatically receive a % discount on your order. The % discount will appear and be applied on the checkout page. Once the order is placed the Loyalty Points will reset to Zero and your Loyalty Point System will start to accumulate once again.

Where can I see my Loyalty Rewards Points?

Once you log into your backoffice the Loyalty Rewards Points accumulated in your account display on the backoffice page.

Can I accrue more than 100 points to be used at a later date?

No, this cannot be done. The system will automatically reset the points to zero once 100 points are reached in your account.

Can I receive more Discounts on my order?

Regeneration USA may at times increase the % discount based on time of year, Holidays, etc. However, this would be announced to all Affiliates prior to the % Discount change going into effect.

Can I receive Loyalty points on past orders?

No, the points started to accrue from 12/27/13 and going forward.

Do retail customers also receive the Loyalty Rewards Discount?